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March 07, 2007



I am so so sad that you went through this. What a total monster he was.
What is your relationship with your mother and sister like now? Do you ever talk about what happened?

Oh, The Joys

I'm guessing that you didn't. Because the cards are stacked against women - even more so back then. I hope I guessed wrong.


You have been through so much, I can't even imagine what that was like. And I doubt he was prosecuted but I hope he was.


Oh. My. Heart.


I echo Stacey. There are no words...


Ditto to all the things said above! How horrible!!! (((HUGS)))

Side note: Tasty Thursday is now up!


Goodness, it's just so wrong. It's so, so wrong. I just don't understand why your mother refused to protect you from that evil man. I just don't understand it... is your mother still alive, and have you ever confronted her now that you are an adult?
I mean, I know it probably wouldn't do much to help...she probably still has no remorse...but I still can't help but wonder what would actually happen if you did confront her...would it help you heal I wonder...? Just knowing that you stood up to her and told her how you've felt all these years and how you are going to make sure your kids have a better life than what she gave you? To me, it seems like that might be helpful, but of course, I do not know because I have never been in that situation. It must be so difficult having to deal with these kinds of memories. I wish I had some words that could instantly make you feel better. All I can say is that I just know there is a purpose in everything, and one day you will understand why this happened. Also, rest assured that they will pay for what they have done to you... The Bible says "Revenge is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord". They will be rewarded according to their actions to you, so please have some comfort in knowing that. >>>>hugs<<<<


I think the answer is 'No.' Just from what I've read and experienced others say they did and did not do.

I cannot imagine kicking a child. I cannot imagine living in fear - every single day.

I just cannot imagine.


I would have to say no as well. Sadly.


Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear this!

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