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March 02, 2007



Well hi there Jill, I'm Erica. I am a wife and mommy of two little ones. I was born in Connecticut...moved to Arizona when I was nine....which I hated. Thanks to the military...I moved to Colorado almost 2 years ago. I actually LOVE it here. We are hoping to stay out here for a loooooong time. I also think it's sweet that you are giving out prizes. Enjoy the party!!!


:o) hiya jill,
i'm kate in new zealand, and i love all things cooking too....
and all things french, and all things pink and sparkly...


Hi Jill,

I only wish I could say I was into cooking. I'm so bad that I once melted a pot while trying to cook rice (really!) I can bake and decorate a mean cake though!

Nice to "meet" you


OK, gorgeous family but the dog takes the cake! I'm Sarah, a SAHM to our beautiful DD. A blessing of a child who keeps me on my toes! I'm a handbag and tote designer and my fave textile is oilcloth!

Nice to meet you!

Ultimate Blog Party


Hi, I'm Crystal. :o)

I don't really enjoy cooking all that much, but I LOVE pouring over cookbooks and collecting recipes. I rarely follow them, but I love to read them and make up my own creations. :o) I'm a work at home wife with two furbabies and hopefully will have a kid or two eventually.

Fun party, come visit mine if you get the chance. :)

Lisa - The Scrap Princess

Hi Jill!
It's great to meet you and your family!
LOL @ cookbook hoarder - I have tons of them as well....actually I am more of a paper hoarder. If it's pretty I will buy it hahaha.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Lisa


What a beautiful famiy!

Just stopped in from the P-A-R-T-Y to say hello! Enjoy all the blogs!


Stopping by from the party!

An absolutely gorgeous family! Including the dog.

So a bit about me you ask? I am Leslie, I am also a cookbook fiend. I am a mother of one, and a wife of one as well. ;)

Angela Giles Klocke

Hey yo! Good morning!!!


Hi, I'm Peppylady and I'm from North Idaho.

My husband Murphy and I are slowly now becoming empty nester's.
My oldest one Sawyer is a senior in high school and lives with some of his buddies.
My youngest one Bart will be 16 the 25 of April and he got quite the social life.


Stopping by on the party train. I'm Chrissy, mom to 4. Daughter 20 who is getting married in Oct, Son 18 who recently got his first full-time job, Son 16 who is still figuring it all out and Son 17 months (yes, I'm crazy) who makes me giggle everyday.

Lauren S.

Visiting for the party. What a cute header!!


Hello! You already know me, but I wanted to say HI!!!!!!!!!


Hi Jill! I'm Tracey and I have 3 kids. Love the title of your blog - perfect!


Visiting for the Party! Nice to meet you! I'm Lissete. Been married to THE BEST man in the world for 19 yrs and we have 2 teenage girls. You have a beautiful family! Enjoy those kiddies, they grow up waaaayyyy too fast!


Hi there! I'm a SAHM to one daughter. We live in the South. Great pics.

BTW, I love Love Shack. We play karaoke around here, and my husband can totally impersonate the male lead!!


Hi I'm Tiffanie from North Carolina. I have three kids and the best hubby in the world!


Hey Lady,

Great party. Love the photos too! You are georgous. You have a beautiful family.


Party cruising and stopped in to say hi!
Enjoy your week!


Hi Jill! Nice to meet Ya!



Hi and Happy Partying. I like your idea of a drawing... I think I'm going to so steal it!! What a lovely family you have. I'm going to bookmark your site, so I can come back later in the week to do some browsing and get to know you better. Now... have to do some more party hopping ;-)


Hi Jill nice to meet you
it is wonderful that Janice and Susan are both preggie isnt it

you have a lovely looking family

Im Jen Im from New Zealand

Im playing the same song at my party good stuff :)


I'm having such a terrific time blog visiting and getting to know everyone. I do have to say that my hubby is the best husband in the world. If you knew, you would call him a saint.


Hi, I'm Karen... Love the pictures!

Turn up the music!

Liz (Looney Mom)

I've got 4 still at home so I understand the "circus" feeling. Mine's the Looney Bin! Making the party rounds. Have a great party week!

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