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April 01, 2007



I was just adding all my blogs to Google Reader when I noticed this post! 'Bout time you came back! I emailed you wondering where you were but now I see why I didn't get you! :D Welcome back!


Oh I'm so relieved! I was worried about you. Glad you had a nice hiatus, and even gladder you're back! :-)


It's about time we heard from you again! It's soooo good to hear that you're ok and just spending extra time with the family.
Happy birthday to your daughter!


Spending time with your family is a great reason to be away from the blogosphere!
Glad it was all good and glad you're back!


Well there you are! I was wondering about ya. So glad you're time away was well spent. I was hoping you weren't sick or having a tough time. You certainly were missed!

Glad you were able to get alot done and love that beautiful family of yours! That makes it all worth it!

Hope you are able to play a quick game of catch up ~ if not, hit delete to it all and start fresh! :o)

Amber Erin

i am glad that you're back. i've missed reading your blog.

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