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April 16, 2007



(((Jill))) ~ My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family today. My granddaddy took his own life after my uncle was killed by a drunk driver. I know the pain in your heart today.


We very nearly lost my son four years ago, just after he went off to college. Due to a change in plans, and a missed bus, a friend of his came back to his dorm room where he had overdosed on prescription meds which were treating his depression (wrong diagnosis, he is schizophrenic).

If not for a schedule change he would be gone. I had to clear out his dorm room, because he could not continue in school, and the whole time I was thinking, I could have been doing this after his death. I can't even put into words to the feeling I had that day and still have over his situation.

One thing that's important to know is that sometimes you can't stop someone from doing themselves harm if they are so determined. You can keep a person safe from a lot, but not from them self.

I had to make a rough decision to have him involuntarily committed and he was in the hospital for nearly two years. Now he is much better and living in his own room in a supervised setting and he is stable, but I had to ask myself back then, he will hate me if I do this? Yes, probably. But do I care enough to be sure that he is alive to hate me?

As it is, he doesn't hate me. Thank goodness.

Circus Mom

I am so sorry for both of the losses you have suffered. It is so hard.


I am so sorry about your son. I am glad that someone got to him in time, and that now you are doing what you can to keep him safe.

I agree with you that you cannot save everyone. I agree 100%. But, there are so many people suffering from alcoholism, drug abuse, mental disorder, etc., that feel there is nothing left to live for. They are alone and see no way out. We can show them there is hope. That is what you are doing with your son, getting him help in a time he cannot do so for himself. He will thank you for that one day, that I believe.

At the same time, knowing we may not be able to save someone from themselves I pray will not stop someone from trying to reach out. Maybe it will not be successful, but then again, maybe it will.

Thank you for commenting, Jan, and I will keep your son, and your entire family, in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh, The Joys

I will be thinking of you this evening.


I'm sorry.

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