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April 15, 2007


The Pumkin Patch

I need to do the same thing! Your story of both working, got a credit card, lived beyond your means, etc...sounds so much like us. Mark is now making almost double what he used to make, but still we sometimes find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck. I hate that! We need a budget. Let me know if you try it and it works!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry

Well, I can tell you that I agree wholeheartedly with Dave Ramsey. The problem in our house is actually doing it. We like to go out to eat with friends once or twice a week, and Big Daddy likes his fountain soda every day (which usually turns into more than a soda), etc. etc. etc.

I have an easy weekly financial template (in Excel) that I can send you if it would help. It just tells us what we need to pay each week. That way, there are no surprises, unless we decide to stray from the plan. Which we do too often. But I think I already said that.

Since I've spent so much time on this comment, maybe that means I need to do a post of my own. Maybe we should have one of those "challenges" or something.


I'm not familiar with his books but have heard others rave about his program. Good luck with whatever you decide. So many people are in your positiion but aren't mature enough to admit it. Hope you feel better!


Well, I also want to start a budget.
We aren't in debt and we've been very good at socking away for retirement and paying down our mortgage...but I think we still spend way too much money.

I recently realized that our grocery bills are much higher than my peers and I know I am wasteful in general. I could go on and on but the bottom line is that I think it would feel really good to save a little nest egg and it's high time I get my family (me) on a budget while we are still ahead.

I'd love to do the whole challenge thing that Lori mentioned....you?


I have heard good things about Dave Ramsey. Some of his stuff is pretty elementary and all of it doesn't apply to everyone. Its one of those, take what you can use, discard the rest without guilt!
We had to establish a budget for the first time last August. And I was a STICKLER about it for quite a while. We did have CC debt, and quite a bit. But I learned where we can cut corners. And are catching up now. I also HIGHLY recommend you looking into www.thegrocerygame.com this has helped us save an IMMENSE amount of money!! Seriously. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me!


I have not heard of his book, but making a budget is easy. Sticking to the budget is hard. I would first invest in a accounting program ( I use quickbooks) and record everything in there for a few months, then you can see where you are spending. The next step depends on how villigant you are, you can either pull out envelopes of cash to use to pay for things ( if there is no cash you have used the budget up), or be very diligent about checking and making sure you are not going over ( I prefer this method).

I also think it is great to give yourselves an allowance for the little things like fountain drinks, a pair of shoes, a night out, etc. that way you don't feel deprived and break the budget.


I disagree a bit with Robin (comment above), I think paper/pencil or Excel are fine to use for recording expenses. I think one starting place might be to record EVERY expense - whether it's .25 for a Wal-Mart soda from the machine or $25 for a family meal at McDonald's.

Dave Ramsey is wonderful! His books and programs are wonderful! I actually think that's a great place to start to get into a budget.

I do agree with Robin, a personal allowance (per month or per week) help with those "little" urges/expenses. It gives you flexibility and freedom. We used to do it before our budget was soo tight we couldn't find the $ for it (better paying job and before kids).

Another thing is to keep a Wish List or just a "no buying for 2 days" rule (have to walk away, think it over for 2 days, then decide if you really want to go back for it). Also, think of other ways you could get it, borrowing books from the library or friends, etc.

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I have heard good things about Dave Ramsey. Some of his stuff is pretty elementary and all of it doesn't apply to everyone. Its one of those, take what you can use, discard the rest without guilt!

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