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May 22, 2007



Well there you are!! I have been wondering/thinking about you! Girl, you need a vacation! I know just how well some men milk it when they're sick ... let alone cracking ribs, LOL! I hope y'all are good as new before too long!

Oh, The Joys

Welcome back! Sorry to hear of the evil sickness!


Nice to hear from ya again! I was wonderin' where you went to!


Sooo glad you're back...missed you!! Sure sorry about your honey's cracked ribs and the nasty virus! Hope everyone's back to good health!
Best wishes to you as you stick with your budget...cheering you on! :)


Glad to see you are back! Good luck with the budget, and heres to hoping to WRETCHED stomach flu is GONE! We had it too, and let me tell you, not fun at all...


Oooh that sounds awful! I'm sorry to hear about your husbands' ribs and the sickness going around. Isn't it funny how you always jinx yourself if you say something about how you're not getting sick? It always happens to me too. I'm sorry you've been sick, but glad to see you back to blogging!

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